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Museum Moos-Spycher Eriz

Vreni Eicher has decorated lovingly  her “Spycher” with beautiful trouvailles.

The museum Moos-Spycher can be visited after phone agreement. Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Verena Eicher phone No. +41 33 453 15 04

Heimberger Chachu-Gschirr (crockery)

rar, seldom and wonderful


Innereriz – Wimmisalp – Kemmeriboden Bad
Altitude hike, crossing meadows at the north foot of the Hohgant. Part of the national alpine routes. Hiking time: 4 hours.

From Sigriswil across the Sigriswiler Rothorn to Eriz
Mountain hike from Sigriswil at the lake Thun across the Sigriswil ridge to the valley Zulg to Eriz/Linden.

Hiking time: 6 hours 35 min.

From Steffisburg via Teuffenthal to Eriz
Varied hiking along the valley of the Zulg, through a silent, worthwhile hiking area. Lots of tar streets. 

Hiking time: 4 hours 15 min.

From Schangnau across the Rotmoos to Innereriz
From the upper Emmental to the valley of Eriz. Till short before the Rotmoos, tar streets.

Hiking time: 2 hours

From Merligen across the “Sichle” to Innereriz
Pass hike from lake of Thun via the valley “Justistal” across the “Sichle” to Innereriz. Mountain path from “Hinterstberg”. 

Hiking time: there 5 hours 30 min. / back 5 hours.

From Sigriswil across the alp “Zettenalp” to Innereriz
Summer hiking across the alps between ridge “Sigriswilergrat” and the river Zulg. Part of the alp round route. Mountain path from  Schwanden/Sagi.

Hiking time: 4 hours 20 min.

Zulg hiking tour Eriz to Innereriz
Easy hiking tour along the wild river Zulg with beautiful groves, benches and BBQ areas. Can also be made with stroller.

Hiking time: 1 hour 15 min.

Kemmeriboden Bad via Hohgant to Innereriz
Challenging summit tour across the north bastion of the Bernese Oberland.

Hiking time: 8 hours 30 min.

Hiking round trip Innereriz via Grünenberg
Mountain hiking at the north flank of the Hohgant.

Hiking time: 4 hours

From Habkern across the pass “Grünenberg” to Innereriz
Pass hiking from Habkern across the scenic, attractive “Grünenbergpass”. Mountain path.

Hiking time: 3 hours 15 min.

From Schangnau across the Honegg to Schwarzenegg
Scenic beautiful land crossing along the wooded Honegg.

Hiking time: 4 hours 30 min.

From Aussereriz via Horrenbach to Schwanden
Varied hike, crossing the Zulg canyon to Horrenbach along meadows and through forests to Schwanden/Sigriswil.

Hiking time: 3 hours 15 min.

From Eriz across the Hornegg up to the ridge Sigriswilergrat/Burst
Beautiful hike through forest and meadows, offside the noisy traffic. Last part very steep. Mountain path from Ober Hörnli. 

Hiking time: there 3 hours 30 min. / back 2 hours 45 min.

From Innereriz across the Gemmenalphorn up to the Niederhorn
Mountain hike form Innereriz across the Grünenbergpass through the nature reserve Hohgant – Seefeld to the Gemmenalphorn and on to the Niederhorn.

Hiking time: there 7 hours / back 6 hours 30 min.


Numerous mountain bike and bike routes go through Eriz. Since 2010 we are connected to the (heart route) Herzroute. This leads in many stages from Zug to Lausanne.

Mountainbikers like our popular routes, across the Grünenbergpass or via the “alte Gemmi” to Schangnau.


Our with love cared and family friendly BBQ spots invite to a cozy picnic. The BBQ places are equipped with firewood, fireplace, BBQ cuttlery and more.

BBQ place “Moosboden”

Direction Innereriz right to the parking space before the ARA. Further on foot direction the river Zulg and there about 250m on the hiking route downstream.

BBQ place “Geissegg”

Our latest BBQ place is easy to reach. It’s located directly behind the skilift parking place.

BBQ place “Koppisbrügg”

About 1.5 km from the bus stop Losenegg, follow the hiking route Aussereriz – Horrenbach.

BBQ place “Schachen”

From Eriz Linden on your right, direction Rütteggli, right before the Zulg crossing, at the sawmill, turn right up to the parking of the “small caliber shooting club house”. A little further, about 250m on foot down the valley.

BBQ place “Unterschwandegg”

From Innereriz Säge direction Rotmoos ⁻ Schangnau. Above the holiday homes, on your left at the edge of the forest.


The tennis court is situated at Innereriz, across the Restaurant Säge. It’s available for all.

For further informations and court reservation, please visit the website of the tennis club: https://www.tc-eriz.ch


Picture: Monika Reusser, our competent “moor witch”.

Moor Rotmoos

Since 1996 the “Rotmoos” is in the inventary of “protection of moor landscape with particulary beauty and of national importance”

A good reason for a trip. Our guided tour acquaints you in all secrets, which hover over the moss.

The moss is not only hiked by foot, but also with your nose, eyes and ears. The tour with the themes fen, raised bog, flora and fauna, earth history, agriculture, legends and storys, takes about 2 – 3 hours.

Hikes in the months July and August should start in the morning. Kids up to 15 years can join their parents free of charge.

Are you interested in a moss tour? Please contact us anytime, we are looking forward to (tours only in Swiss German and German).


Single persons (min. 3 persons): CHF  30.-

School classes: CHF 120.-

Groups with less than 20 persons: CHF 150.-

Groups with more than 20 persons: CHF  200.-